Eighth Grade

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We had a great May to end a great year!!  There was a lot packed into ten days.  We finished a unit on the Cold War in social studies and studied the Civil Rights movement.  We did some diagramming in English to review parts of speech and completed a project to conclude our last novel.  In algebra we tried to pack in as many topics as we could. 


Our trip to Branson was a huge success.  Perfect weather, great friends and fun activities made for a wonderful trip with some special memories! 


We attended our 8th grade retreat at the Abbey on the 7th.  It was a great day for fishing.   Then Karen kept us busy with a variety of activities and Mass at the Abbey is always a wonderful experience!


Our graduation celebration was beautiful! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us.  The reception was wonderful and we appreciate all of the work of the 7th grade and their parents! 


Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our journey at St. Gregory’s School.  It has been a fantastic experience and we will miss you all, but we do plan to continue to check in!!


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