Falcon News February 2012

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Catholic Schools Week was a fun week of celebrating! The theme of Faith, Academics and Service was an excellent way to highlight what Catholic Schools are all about, but in my opinion it left out the key reason St. Gregory’s students are so successful, that being Exceptional Parent Involvement and Commitment.

I taught in public schools for 17 years before coming to St. Gregory’s and the parent involvement is what I know makes St. Gregory’s School outstanding.

Whether you drive for a study trip; are a mystery reader; help out with classroom parties; check to make sure your child’s homework /reading minutes get done each night; visit your child’s classroom to share about your job or an interesting hobby you enjoy; serve on the PTO, Finance, or School Advisory; arrange your work schedule to be present at daily Mass when your child has a mass role; volunteer to serve lunch; agree to chair the rummage sale, flower sale or Family Fun Fest; help sell SCRIP after masses; run the SCRIP program; volunteer to work volleyball and basketball games; remember to get extra items at the grocery store to support school food drives; quiz your child on their math facts with flashcards; chair the Football or March Madness fundraisers; attend parent conferences; take time to read with and to your child; make it a point to ask your child how their day went; encourage your child to do their very best each and every day; or you come eat lunch with your child. All of these, and others I didn’t list, are the parent involvement that makes the difference in the success your child experiences in school.

It is inspiring to be part of a school and parish community that cares so deeply about the education of
their children. I want to thank you as parents and guardians for the sacrifices you make to send your children
to St. Gregory’s. Thanks for being the involved parents that you are! We could not do what we do as a
school community without you! God Bless!

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