Falcon News December 2011

Categories: General News

Pray, Love and Celebrate as the St. Gregory School Family… That is our school theme this year, and the Advent season gives us an opportunity to reflect on our family and all the gifts God has blessed us with over the past year.

What is the greatest gift God has given you?

There are so many, but I believe our children are one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Our children will only be children once. The time we spend with them is invaluable to their well being now and as adolescents and adults. It’s a matter of time management and in some cases sleep deprivation! I know in our own family we are always putting something off until later.

Sometimes if we are not careful, it’s our children. Reading a book together, playing a game, cooking with your children, checking out a movie from the public library and having a family movie night complete with popcorn. These are all simple ways to share time with your children. My prayer is that each of you will find time to cherish and enjoy your family and especially your children during this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

May you enjoy a very peaceful and blessed Christmas!