Third Grade


Jamie Casteel

Welcome to Third Grade!

Third grade is an exciting year of learning and growing! The students learn about rocks, minerals, fossils, animals, plants, the water cycle, and more in science. One of the main focuses in math is learning both multiplication and division facts. The students also learn about perimeter, area, three digit addition and subtraction, etc.

Communication arts is filled with reading a variety of stories, reviewing those stories to improve comprehension, and getting a better grasp of the written language by studying grammar and writing. In social studies the students learn about being a good citizen, the three branches of the government, and map skills by sending out a flat version of themselves, similar to the book, Flat Stanley.

In religion the students expand the knowledge they learned in second grade about Reconciliation and Eucharist. One of the most important parts of religion for third graders is being given more responsibility at Mass by having various Mass roles. The students are trained to serve, song lead, and do the readings and responses!

Classroom News

3rd Grade Weekly Update – March 22, 2018

Parents, I am hoping to see all of you soon at the General PTO Meeting at 6 pm in the Parish Hall.  Remember by attending you could win one month of FREE tuition for one child!  Also, after the PTO meeting at 7 pm the 8th graders will be presenting their play, Million Dollar Meatball in…

3rd Grade Weekly Update – March 17, 2018

Parents, We did a  lot of fun things this week.  The students got to go to Stations of the Cross on Thursday morning.  This was especially helpful because the third graders will be leading Stations of the Cross next Friday at 1:10 pm.  The students also picked which station they would like to read.  They were…

3rd Grade Weekly Update – March 9, 2018

Parents, It doesn’t seem possible that yesterday was the end of third quarter and Monday starts fourth quarter!  The students worked on finding details within our story this week.  They also worked on subject and object pronouns in grammar.  Spelling this week focused on inflectional endings.  The students worked on learning more about different communities…