Sixth Grade


Betsy Nielson

Welcome to 6th grade!

We shift from American History, which was learned in 5th grade, to traveling back in time through the ancient civilizations. We learn about the ancient people in our Social Studies, Reading, and Religion curriculums.

The students participate in many activities that people of the past did, including the creation of cave drawings, designing a sarcophagus, playing the Jewish game of Dreidel, designing a Roman gladiator, building ziggurats, and learning about other ancient practices. We read a variety realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and science-fiction books, including Wonder, Number the Stars, The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963, and Bridge to Terabithia.

7th and 8th grade Math are both taught using the Saxon books. These classes are taught using the Flipped Classroom Model. The students watch a video on each lesson at home to get a first glance at the content, and then they complete the lesson’s problem set in class. We also spend some time exploring the Ti-83 plus calculator through various graphing activities. Most of the 8th graders complete Algebra I which prepares them for the Advanced Geometry class offered at Maryville High School.

Classroom News

First Day in 6th Grade

Here are some of the fun pictures we took this morning in 6th grade 🙂  I took one of each student individually as well that I will send home with them tomorrow.  After the pictures, I posted the email I sent out this afternoon.  I will generally send out a weekly email, as well as…

Thank you 6th graders!

We had a wonderful year in 6th grade! I couldn’t have asked for a better first year at St. Gregory’s! I hope everyone has a wonderful summer–I look forward to seeing you all next year as 7th graders! Even though you don’t have reading logs, it’s OK to continue reading AT LEAST 20 minutes a…

Welcome Fall!

The leaves are starting to change, the cooler weather has made an appearance, fall is officially here!  I feel like any change of season is an exciting one, but I especially enjoy what fall brings. Last Friday was a big one for the students, as they were swamped with a vocab test, an English test,…