First Grade

Sue Seipel

Welcome to First Grade!

The first graders will be involved in a language-rich curriculum that focuses on stories, phonemic awareness, spelling and the 6-traits of writing. The students’ imaginations will be sparked through fairy tales, non-fiction/fiction stories and traditional rhymes as they engage in the necessary skills and confidence to read independently on a daily basis.

The students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities and study trips while integrating thematic units in religion, social studies, science, and math concepts.

The first grade curriculum will encourage the students to be active lifelong learners, while enhancing their inquisitive minds.

Classroom News

first Grade flash October 11, 2012

Dear Parents,   Your children are always motivated to do their personal best in all areas of the curriculum!   The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were main idea, r/l blends, high-frequency words, verbs with ing, sequence of events and dictionary skills.   Please have your children read “Too Big For One”, “The…

First Grade Flash October 4, 2012

Dear Parents, WOW!  The students’ bug reports are awesome!  Each student will present his or her report!  I am very proud of your children!  Thank you for your help toward making their projects a super success!  The skills that were reviewed this week in Reading class were short vowel e, high-frequency words, contractions with not,…

First Grade Flash September 26, 2012

Dear Parents,      The first graders are very hard workers.  They are striving to do their personal best in the classroom everyday!  I enjoy teaching your children!   The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were short o, verbs that end with ed, main idea, rhyming words and comprehension questions.   Please review adding…