About Our Patron St. Gregory Barbarigo was an Italian cardinal, diplomat, and scholar

Dear Parents,

Education is surely the key to the future of our youth. To succeed, our young people need not only the knowledge, but also the skills to negotiate a world that is full of pitfalls and disappointments. While we can’t avoid all the broken dreams, we can arm our youth with the weapons of success which is afforded by the gift of knowledge accompanied by the discipline and solid Christian values that can give the future members of our work force a foundation that is aimed toward achieving what is best.

This is the kind of education that is provided at St. Gregory Catholic School.

We are a relatively small student centered school with a motivated faculty and staff that seeks not only the growth of the child in wisdom, but also in those vital skills that pave the way to success. Our credentials speak for themselves, but the manner in which our graduates excel in high school and beyond tell the story not in words, but in fact! We are focused on the whole child: mind, body and spirit and just as Jesus grew in wisdom, age and grace, we like to think we are providing those ways that our young people can also triumph. The leadership our graduates provide in more public settings of higher education and life long careers reinforces our dedication to working with every student to develop their God-given talents and broadening their vision of the possibilities life affords.

We are proud of our school and proud of our students. If you have questions about admission procedures and costs, please direct them to the principal Susan Martin. St. Gregory School will do what we can to give your child the education and development he/she needs for the sake of their future.

Yours in Christ,

Father Martin DeMeulenaere, O.S.B.