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6th Grade Happenings–11/13/2017

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6th grade parents,
We are cruising right along here in 6th grade.  The students are currently reading their own novels right now, and we’ll pick back up with a class the first full week of December.  They took their Ancient Egypt test today and will wrap up their Ancient Egypt unit throughout the week as they finish up creating their own sarcophagus design.  They also will be wrapping up their 10 Commandments unit this week with a quiz over them on Wednesday.  We will be hitting a good stopping point with Thanksgiving Break and then pick up in a good place to finish up the last few weeks of the quarter.
We will be going to Mass this Thursday and then next Tuesday will be our Thanksgiving Mass where we will be doing a special Mass and blessing for Ava Blackford.  See Mrs. Stiens’s email for more information.
Mrs. Gastler asked for me to forward the following information to you regarding a fundraiser for their field trips in 7th and 8th grade.  Red Wheel packets went home today.
It’s that time of year to sell Red Wheel!! The money earned from this fundraiser goes directly to our class trip fund.  We have set the goal at 20 items per student. We know this might not be possible for everyone, so just please do the best you can.
Some important dates:
Tuesday, November 14: Start selling! Although forms went home today, so they could start early.
Tuesday, November 28: Forms due to Mrs. Gastler ( Money can also be sent in on this date if you have collected all of it, otherwise we will set a date for you to turn in all of the money)
Tuesday, December 5: Red Wheel will be delivered to the school. We will sort out the orders and you will pick them up after school to deliver to your customers!
This is always a great fundraiser for our students! Red Wheel really sells itself. A few students suggested taking them to Thanksgiving dinner to try selling, which is a great idea!
Another tip is that the food will be back before Christmas!
Please let me know if you have any questions!
We also have the following request from our Holiday Family Fun Fest committee:
Dear Parents,
The Holiday Family Fun Fest and Silent Auction are quickly approaching on December 3rd!  For your participation in the Silent Auction, we are asking each student to contribute $5 – the Silent Auction Committee will use this money to put together a variety of baskets, family fun nights, etc. Or if your family prefers to donate an actual item that could be auctioned off, that is great too!  Any donation is greatly appreciated.  Please turn in your child’s $5 or item to the office marked Silent Auction by Friday, November 17th.
Thank you!
The Silent Auction Committee
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of these items or over anything going on here in 6th grade!  This week marks the middle of 2nd quarter–grades will be mailed home early next week.
Have a great week!
Mrs. Nielson