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3rd Grade Weekly Update – November 10, 2017

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What a fantastic day we had.  Father Albert came over to school this afternoon and visited with the students.  He answered questions that they had come up with about the faith and about being a priest.  After our interview with Father Albert the students worked together to write a little synopsis of what they learned about Father during our interview.  You can read this later in the newsletter!

This week the students worked on r-controlled vowels for spelling, verbs in grammar, author’s purpose in reading comprehension, more multiplication in math, and more information about the Holy Trinity.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. C

Our Interview with Father Albert
By:  The third grade class

When Father Albert was younger he liked to help others by volunteering.  He also liked sports, reading, building snowmen, and getting in snowball fights.  When he was in high school he worked at McDonald’s.

Father Albert was a monk before he was a priest.  He has been a priest for 40 years.  He decided to be a priest when he was 21 or 22 years old.  He wanted to be a priest because he wanted to share his love of Jesus with others.  He was reading the Bible and that was when he made his decisions.  He trained for eight years to be a priests.  He had to go through six steps to become a priest.

Father Albert answered questions about the church for us.  He told us why there are servers, about the Catechism, why Mass is so important, and more.  He also told us about his favorite experiment.  He can shoot a cork across the room!

Note from Silent Auction Committee
Dear Parents,
The Holiday Family Fun Fest and Silent Auction are quickly approaching on December 3rd!  For your participation in the Silent Auction, we are asking each student to contribute $5 – the Silent Auction Committee will use this money to put together a variety of baskets, family fun nights, etc. Or if your family prefers to donate an actual item that could be auctioned off, that is great too!  Any donation is greatly appreciated.  Please turn in your child’s $5 or item to the office marked Silent Auction by Friday, November 17th.
Thank you!
The Silent Auction Committee

Important November Dates

14th – Book Order due by 3 pm
15th – K-4 Mass (Res. – Gracyn; Pet. – Corbin; Song Leader – Kori; Servers – Decker and Casey)
21st – All School Mass (sit with FFF; please have students at school by 7:30)
22nd through 24th – No School; HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
27th – FFF Meeting at 7:50 (please have students at school by 7:30)
29th – K-4 Mass (Res. – Halle; Pet. – Jarrick; Song Leader – Tate; Servers – Joe and Channing)

Important December Dates

1st – FFF Mass at 8 am (have students at school by 7:30 in their St. Gregory’s PTO shirts); Celebrate Channing’s Birthday
3rd – Holiday Fun Fest from 12 pm to 4 pm
5th – FFF Meeting at 7:50 am (have students at school by 7:30)
6th – K-4 Mass; Celebrate Annika’s Birthday
7th- Holiday Fun Fest Movie after school (for students who sign up/pay at the Holiday Fun Fest)
8th – No School – Immaculate Conception
11th – FFF Meeting at 7:50 am (have students at school by 7:30)
13th – K-4 Mass
18th – Celebrate Lila’s Half-Birthday
19th – Celebrate Kori’s Half-Birthday; Christmas Program at 7 pm (have students at the church by 6:45 and dressed appropriately)
20th – K-4 Mass; Celebrate Vincent’s Birthday
21st – FFF Mass at 8 am (have students at school by 7:30 in their St. Gregory’s PTO shirts); Dismiss at 12:30 pm

Christmas Break is December 22nd through January 3rd

*If Mass is cancelled then the students will move to the following week and keep the same Mass roles.